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There were a few, but they all had the same problem. They weren't you, honey.


Name: Laura
Age: 17
Would you like to be set up with a guy or girl or does it matter? I swing both ways, so either way is okay.

Name five things you are looking for in a "significant other:"
1. Humour
2. Someone who's adventurous
3. Expressive eyes (= bedroom eyes *ahem* preferrably either green or brown).
4. Just someone to have fun with
5. Someone who doesn't care what other people think.

Name five things you AREN'T looking for:
1. Being too clingy or depending on me.
2. Being too whiny all the time, never satisfied with what they've got.
3. ....I have to say someone who's, um, well to put it bluntly, FAT.
4. Someone who's a total coward and does anything to save their own neck.
5. Someone selfish.

When considering your perfect mate, how do you feel about:
Age differences? Age doesn't really matter to me. Although I was in a relationship with a younger person once (and our age difference was only about a year!) and I felt that they were completely wrong for me and didn't really understand anything that I tried to say. So if they're younger AND reaaally immature, then it's bye-bye. But if they're very mature for their own age, it's better.
Maturity levels? Well, I'm very childlike sometimes. I try to see the world like children do, because it makes it a lot more interesting and wonderful. So they can be more mature than me, but they have to at least understand my childlike tendencies.
Intelligence? Well, I wouldn't like to be in a relationship with someone who's less intelligent than me. It just would get on my nerves to always have to explain the simplest things to them.
Speech eloquence? Not that important, as long as they're not like this; "And then I was, like, going to the mall and, like, when I was getting this, like, really cool bag, like, from the counter, the clerk, like, totally yanked it, like, from me and said, like, 'this is not for sale'. Can you, like, believe that bitch?"
Wealth? Not really important but it's a plus.
Looks? My oh my, yes. But looks alone aren't gonna get you far with me. They have to have a brain, too.
Sense of Humor? Veeeery important! But they have to be serious sometimes, too. But not too serious, 'cause I'm not a very serious person.
Sense of Adventure? Yes, because I'm not that adventurous myself, it'd be nice if they were and with them I could learn to be more fearless and just let go.

Do you want someone who spoils you with gifts? Why or why not? What is the perfect gift for you?
Uh, not a big fan of gifts. I dislike receiving them but like giving them. I'm not used to someone spoiling me, so no. Perfect gift for me (if you must give me something); Taking me somewhere new & pretty & unusual, where I could photograph my heart out.

Do you want someone who's "easy" or "plays hard to get"?
Not too easy, not too hard to get ;) I'm too much of a coward to go after them if they're playing really hard to get.

What's your idea of the perfect date? Do you want to be wined and dined or do you prefer a simpler lifestyle? A much simpler lifestyle! I think it would be nice, if they took me somewhere mysterious and let me photograph them there....

What kind of movie do you want to go out to see? Do you rent, go to the theater, go to the drive in or what?
I'd love to go to a drive in, I've never been! Mostly I go to the theater. I like all kinds of movies, just not all those sappy, over-romantic movies. They make me roll my eyes and go "yeah right".

Tell us your dream "Date Adventure" or do you not prefer the "adventure" lifestyle? Do you like to do things indoors or outdoors?
Outdoors, I love nature. Well, I don't really know, maybe we'd be out, looking at the stars when it would start to rain and we'd have to find someplace dry to go to and ... ;D

Do you want kids someday? I'm not sure. Yes but not ones with my genes, so I'd adopt :D.

If your true love hurt or betrayed you, could you love them again? Well, I'm such a masochist anyway that I might.

Name one character that you think you are complete incompatible with and why: Uhh... Mac :D 

(Yays for votes: three two one)
Stamped as: Willie in the regular app.
I hope this is still ok, though it was for jan-feb.
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